Burtec's fundamental business vision is to assist its clients in the implementation of sustainability in its industrial and operational systems through products, software and services that lead in innovation and reliability worldwide.

Burtec offers solutions that increase the profit of its customers, reducing industrial and environmental costs of the client's business for short, medium and long term durations with full transparency for all stakeholders (consumers, suppliers, shareholders, government, NGOs, investors and others).


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With 24 years of experience in the domestic plastic processing industry automation market, Burtec pioneered the development of specific solutions for companies in need of high-performance solutions for their production lines whilst reducing costs of manufacturing and increased productivity. Even with the pressure from imported products and devaluation of the Real currency, Burtec has always been the choice of companies that needed the best solution, including:








With a solid portfolio, Burtec has always been the choice of major national and multinational companies. Now, in 2020, the Burtec is undergoing renovation, in order to expand and improve the range of products and services offered to existing customers, as well as to new customers.

Burtec is a pioneering business with solutions for reducing environmental impact through products and services. Our Sustainability Management Platform encompasses all aspects: Impact to the environment, social Impact and governance of companies. Our management platform being the most award-winning platform worldwide.

With a focus on expanding general manufacturing cost reductions through high quality and productivity equipment’s, services such as energy use management and energy reduction planning and development, consumer product development and productivity improvements. We represent companies that are world leaders in technology, equipment and raw materials to consumer goods industries.




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