Energy consumption mapping

Discover your energy consumption per production line and by each individual equipment.

We have developed a consumer benchmark so that operation managers can predict, compare and plan improvements.


State-of-the-art equipment

In mapping and energy reduction services, BURTEC uses the best equipment, software and procedures to ensure the best possible information to the customer, we specialize in:

  • Total power consumption kW/hr  (other forms of consumption on request)
  • Monitoring and auditing of AC engines (Consumption, total electrical and mechanical load)
  • Monitoring and auditing of industrial fans (positive and negative pressure, dynamic and total pressures, air movement speed and volumes)

We use the following methodologies:

  • D.O.E. – for industrial motors and fans and general consumption and energy.
  • AMCA - for industrial fans and piping.


Reduction of Energy Consumption


BURTEC supports its customers in energy consumption reductions, after detailed mapping and investigations based on scientific data. Plans vary from customer to customer, and reductions may vary considering multiple factors. In most implemented systems, the minimum reduction was 10% for an individual system.

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